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Reed-organs represent a very small part of our activity. Every church has got its old reed-organ forgotten in a corner. Sadly, a few of them are in a good condition. A lot have been sold, or worse, destoyed. Others are rotting, because of moisture and worms.

Some associations are trying to make them revive. The most beautiful and rare copies may be promoted "Historical Monument".

The similarities with organs are not much: the reed-organ is an instrument built, in most cases, in large quantities. It is a wind instrument with a valves system mechanism.

The restoration of a reed-organ is very expensive, it needs a long time to repair the reservoir bellows, the compensated bellows and sometimes the collecting box. So, this kind of work is dedicated to instruments having interesting technical caracteristics or to historical instruments.

Here we will present (soon) two instruments we restored. The first one is a private instrument, which belongs to a famous composer. Made by Mustel, with two keyboards (one is a celesta), this is an exceptional instrument both on the technical side and the historical side. The second one is a giraffe reed-organ from the first half of the XIXth century, located in the church of Savigny-sur-Véron.

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